Welcome back.

Written by JRoch. Posted in General

The paint's still wet, and there is still furniture missing, but the site is up and the door is open for user registration. As the moderators drop back in, please PM me and we'll get the forum mod privileges set back up properly.

This site now sports a Facebook shim for logins, if you feel so inclined... but you can still set up your profile with the display name you want. Please keep in mind that "Name" is your display name and "Username" is the account name that you log onto the site with. (Provided you aren't just using facebook auth.)

I've enabled the picture upload features. You will have to live within their limits (pixel size and space size), although I will likely bump those limits up if I shift this site over to paid-for hosting with a lot more disk space. In fact, I'll look into that this week.

You might find a few features with rough edges, ugly colors, or broken functionality... but I think most of the major items are working just fine. I'll re-post up forum rules shortly.

That is all!