Site Rebuild

Written by JRoch. Posted in General

Hi folks,

Well, the underlying CMS of the Montana Gamers site was, once again, compromised by enterprising hackers. The site was running a webkit for the past half day or so, and could have caused some problems with your browsers had you happened to visit during that time frame. I know that Chrome gave me warning that the site was serving up suspicious content, and then Symantec AV blocked some activity.

I am finally giving up on using the e107 CMS, and am switching to Joomla. I think I got hacked, on average, once a year with e107. Here's to hoping that Joomla provides a much more robust infrastructure for Montana Gamers.

Bear with me for the next few days as I rebuild this site. Unfortunately, we are once again losing the entirety of the user database and the content of the forums. As much as I'd love to keep all that old stuff, it's a good time to clean house and build a new community. I will be looking to see if we can provide much greater usability in the forums, including image hosting and so forth.

Thanks for your patience.